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Georgia Peach Season 2010

Georgia PeachesIt's official! It's peach season in Georgia, time to enjoy some of the most amazingly delicious fruit on the planet earth. Many of us have favorite summer memories of piling into the family car and heading to the peach orchard for the afternoon. Imagine plucking that first ripe peach of the year from the bin at a roadside stand and biting into the soft succulent flesh, so delicious!

Plus it is always a pleasure to get the chance to stuff your-self with delicious fresh peach ice cream on those hot Georgia summer days. Of course who could forget the peach shortcake? So sweet and good with a side of... well... even MORE peach ice cream, why not?

This year peach farms are reporting some of the best tasting peaches they have ever had, and certainly the best crop in years. The chill hours needed to make peaches grow
to their best flavor and sizes were absolutely plentiful and ideal for the crop. Spring this year has also been mild, bringing just the right amount of nourishing rain without the damaging hail or late season freezing issues of last year.

That being said we owe it to ourselves to indulge in peaches during their summer prime in as many ways as we possibly can. Early peach varieties usually ripen in mid to late May, and the last of the peaches usually ripen around late August. Fans of the peach, like me, are probably as happy and excited about the fantastic start to the peach season as the growers are.

With so many great ways to enjoy the Georgia peach and such a plentiful crop there are certain to be great bargains this year. Many families plan trips just to go and pick up
some fresh peaches. While that is one of the most immersible and fun ways to do it, it could be impossible for those far from Georgia, or for those of us on a budget due to the recession, but fret not peach lovers I have the solution!

Peach growers make it easy to order fresh peaches online and to have them shipped almost anywhere. In addition to freshly picked peaches, many companies offer peach jams, peach shortcake, pies and other ready-to-eat goodies. Plus if you need ideas for what to do with all your delicious peaches you will often find family recipes from the grower's families themselves on the company website.

We love family-run farms that have met the food safety standards as well as the Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) guidelines set-forth by the USDA and the FDA. Those farms that also met the audit standards established under the Georgia GP Food Safety Programs can be considered especially safe. Only three farms in Georgia have earned this special designation and the only one peach and pecan farm. With great hometown people, safe products, and amazingly delectable peach fruit, lets eat!

Victoria Gates is a proud supporter of small American businesses such as the 5-Generation family run Pearson Farm and has met the audit standards established under the Georgia GP Food Safety Program. You can find out more about their operations and location by visiting http://www.pearsonfarm.com on the web.

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