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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Winners

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Winning Chocolate Sculpture

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Judges Meeting

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Winning Mini Pastry Display

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Finalists at Medal Ceremony

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Mini Pastry Display

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Judges with Winning Entry

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Mini Pasteries

A Healthy Staff is a Happy Staff!

We all know them, people who seem to have endless amounts of energy and always have a decidedly positive outlook on life. How do they do that? Why don’t they have colds and flu and other ailments as frequently as others? Hmmm . . . could it be something in the water?

The answer is: it is the water! Recently I conducted a class, which consisted mainly of young, inexperienced servers. I impressed upon them the importance of maintaining their most valuable instrument, their bodies and, more specifically, their voices. I told them that they are among those who consider themselves to be professional speakers and performers. All serious performers know that water is the best thing for their art and career. And I do use the word “career” when talking about their jobs as servers. It doesn’t matter if they are paying their way through college or just making money for the summer, I stress to them that it is a career and they are professionals. Therefore, they should treat themselves well and drink plenty of water.

I stood on my soapbox and discouraged smoking and other bad habits. We all know the negative side effects of smoking, but not everyone is aware of the dangers of drinking too much soda and juices. I didn’t give out brand names; I didn’t have to. We all know who the culprits are and, at the risk of criticizing soda manufacturers, I felt it necessary to tell my fellow humans the risks of drinking too much soda. It ruins the enamel on our teeth and allows cavities to begin. It is extremely hard on our stomachs and other internal organs because of its acidity. Last but not least, it is particularly bad for females. It depletes the calcium and vitamin D in our bones, two things we desperately need to avoid osteoporosis and other bone loss diseases. I didn’t lecture as much as I informed.

The next day they were all drinking water! How long it lasts is up to them and how good they feel.

I know the soda is cheap and most managers and owners allow servers to drink as much soda as they want. I tell them to drink water instead. Eat healthy food and get plenty of rest so they feel good about themselves. Taking vitamins is also important. Positive attitudes shine through just as well as the bad ones. People respond positively to happy, healthy and bright servers. Your servers will communicate better, project better and generate a more positive atmosphere when they take care of themselves.

Now, I don’t recommend that servers lecture their guests and persuade them to drink water instead of soda, alcohol or juices. Guests are paying and servers are there to suggest and make sure the guests have an outstanding dining experience. It is not our business to lecture on health issues. It is our business to suggest and sell to the satisfaction of the guests.

Take an interest in your staff and show you care and cover some health issues at your next employee meeting. It doesn’t take that long to impress upon your people the value of their health. They will appreciate that you care and may even follow some of your advice! Of course, you may have to lead by example. Drink plenty of water!

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